to change

to change

Changes take place, with or without us. As a leader, one is often caught between the fronts of supporting and implementing the entrepreneurially important changes and at the same time taking along the people who have been entrusted to one's care.

As president of an association of professionals in the highly competitive coaching market, Dr. Tutschka knows the so-called "growing pains" of an organisation as well as the fear of loss of identity for all those involved or the importance of "cultivating one's ancestors" in future changes when the development path becomes steeper and the wind blows more sharply in one's face. She also knows about the fine-sensory reciprocity when different cultures clash in building the German-Austrian professional network for lawyers. And how tenaciously homogeneous management teams cling to their self-made crystal ball to legitimise themselves.

In these situations, it is important to underpin visions with objectives and to know when these should be immovable or questioned again. It is also important to enter into or disengage from strategic partnerships when the time is right. Above all, however, it is important to reflect on oneself as a leader and to know one's goal crystal clear on the one hand, and on the other hand to bring one's core team and the larger community on board with the right communication and to form them into a togetherness.

through crises

Business crises are always personal crises and leadership failure is always personal failure. You don't need clever advice. What is needed is open and honest sparring at eye level. With an appreciative and experienced view from outside, a partner with whom you can investigate the causes in order to learn from them. For it is not by simply getting back up and moving on, but by moving on in a different way that the crisis becomes an opportunity.

Leadership style, however, proves itself during the crisis. That is why crises are the acid test for every leader - and not just since the first Corona lockdown. Leadership is recognised by the fact that security and reliability are radiated in times of crisis.

Geertje Tutschka knows what it means to stand in the eye of the hurricane.

Already at the age of 19, she experienced during the reunification how the world around you changes from one day to the next and what you have achieved is no longer worth anything if people are not taken seriously in their fear and disorientation.

Later, she became involved in the automotive crisis in Detroit as President of the PA for the preservation of the International School, accompanied many of the expatriate families there through the shutdown of the city and initiated a project to support the street children of Detroit. With the launch of the 1st International Round Table in Detroit, she brought all the stakeholders important to the families to the table to talk about the future of all the children of this city.

"Dr. Geertje Tutschka has put her heart and mind into serving families in Metro Detroit for years. She has left a visible mark here in every way." Christina Griesser, President GPWA

for growth

With CLP - Consulting for Legal Professionals, Dr. Tutschka has been supporting legal departments and law firms in their strategic development for years. Growth can take place internally through the optimisation of processes, communicative interaction or the release of resources such as time and money. But it can also take place externally by opening up new markets and target groups, developing new services or even a strategic repositioning.

One of the most underestimated topics of the management team is "being able to let go". This is where Dr. Tutschka's LEAD method comes in, first and foremost initiating the growth process of the management team as the initial spark for the strategic development of the company.

As Managing Director and founding partner of CLP, she knows from her own experience the challenges of building a successful and crisis-proof company, a strong team of employees and a solid customer base.

With almost 15 years of experience as a German expatriate, who alone got to know the "German guilt" of National Socialism from four insider perspectives, she unmasks typical German and Austrian history, culture and language in everyday life when it creates an encapsulated vacuum, e.g. through homogeneous management teams, and ventilates it with new ideas to enable free breathing and growth. Climate protection, waste avoidance, diversity and digitalisation are not fashionable topics for her, but new interpretations of classic business growth structures.

To this end, she also takes aim at non-political topics, puts her finger in the wound and doesn't like to leave her foot in her mouth. The proverbial "pink elephant in the room" is her favourite animal, along with the "silverback".

And: With her, it's never about mere theory; she talks in order to do business.