What customers, clients and clients say about me

I had the pleasure to work with Dr. Tutschka at the Global Womens Leadership Conference Berlin Nov 2016 when I was the Compere and Key Note Speaker and found working with Geertje a pleasure and her workshop so informative and inspirational.

Karen Melonie Gould, Capital Raise Deal Flow Connector and Innovator

I had a pleasure working with Geertje in several projects. Geertjeapproach is professional, thorough and collaborative. Her maincompetency is to have a strategic mindset with persistentoperational execution. She exhibited a great leadership style withthe ability to flex her approach according to contexts.

Kaveh Mir-Tahmasebi, Executive Coach, Director ICF Global Board 2020

It is my pleasure to congratulate Dr. Geertje Tutschka on her remarkable achievements as President of the German Chapter of the International Coach Federation, of which Global Board I was the Chair in 2019. Dr. Tutschka has motivated and successfully led a team of highly dedicated volunteer Board Members, and no less that 13 City Chapters, to grow ICF's presence and contribution in Germany within a fast changing environment. ICF Germany's strategic and organizational development led the Chapter to integrate ICF's 'Top10 Chapters'. Another remarkable success, which I was glad to witness, was that of the ICF Prism Award. I extend my congratulations to the very well organized project team, the highly qualified judges as well as all Board Members of ICF Germany. The Prism Award ceremony highlighted how ICF coaches help companies flourish across a wide spectrum of industries.

Jean - Francois Cousin, MCC, Global Executive Coach, Chairman ICF Global Board 2019

Dr. Tutschka's support has strengthened me in my decision to take the next step in my career and to get out of my current work situation and find new possibilities. With her help I quit the job that made me unhappy and took a new better position. Her advice regarding my situation was also beneficial to me. Dr. Tutschka could very well reflect my decision and reflect my thoughts. She showed a strong empathy, quick comprehension and great understanding for my situation. Thank you so much for that.

RAin Dr. O.E., Berlin

I recently accepted a job offer from London and am very excited about the opportunity to join the legal team at a major international bank.
Her preparation for the interviews clearly encouraged me, so that I was able to convey a self-confident appearance. Thanks again for that.

Dr. Zita Takacs, Vienna

Dr. Tutschka recently accompanied and guided me with her coaching in a targeted application process. The cooperation with Dr. Tutschka included the preparation of my documents and job interviews. The consultation took place by telephone and each telephone call seemed almost too short to me! The impulses of Dr. Tutschka have given me a lot of structure and focus on my goal, all hints regarding my documents were very valuable and helpful. I felt extremely well taken care of by Dr. Tutschka and with her help I entered the procedure strengthened in self-confidence. I would contact Dr. Tutschka again at any time and thank her for her trusting support.

Attorney Elisabeth Gawrych, Lawyer on Demand, Wülfrath

When I felt overwhelmed and disoriented in my exhausting everyday life, Dr. Geertje Tutschka helped me with her coaching to find my purpose again and to formulate a vision which I have been working towards ever since. Only in the course of the three-month process and through the positive and encouraging nature of my coach, whom I quickly trusted, have I developed a feeling for my needs again and learned to focus my actions more on the things that give me strength and inspiration.

RAin Dr. Kathrin S., Munich

Precise, sympathetic and competent - Dr. Tutschka knows how to present difficult topics in an understandable way and to package them in a customer-oriented way.

Sascha Saal, Marketing Business Development Cluster West, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Germany GmbH

The consulting, the cooperation and the final result have exceeded my expectations. The way Dr. Tutschka works immediately shows that there is not only a lawyer at work here, but also a trained coach who focuses on the client. Especially for my profession as a coach for executives and seminar leader, I was able to benefit from many industry-specific legal tips.

Dr. Eva Kinast, Coach, the Kaderschmiede for high-level personnel

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is advancing the coaching profession so coaching becomes an integral part of society. Our members lead this journey by representing the highest quality in professional coaching.
Our local chapter leader and president of ICF Germany Geertje Tutschka is a very creative academic, willing to think out of the box and a true visionnaire.
In my role as VP for the ICF Germany I am incredible proud to support Geertje as our leader. The immense amount of work she has done to support our mission, to our local members and to our global chapter in US is just beyond any measurement.
One huge, very successful project she led was our regular meeting with members and our event the Coachingday. Not only did we take on many additional members, have been mentioned in many social media and local news tabs, but also got sponsored by our global chapter. I highly recommend Geertje here on Linkedin and do so in person for any executive role.

Roeland C. Schaart, Experienced international Business Coach, Owner of Coaching Logic®

As President of ICF Germany, Dr. Geertje Tutschka has elevated both the standing of the ICF Germany Chapter and the coaching profession in Germany and beyond. Dr. Tutschka's vision for expanding the knowledge of and reach of coaching has truly been a benefit to the profession and has allowed more individuals and organizations to useful from coaching and engage in the work of building a coaching culture.
The growth of the Coachingtag event also provides more and more opportunity for coaches to connect as well as for those interested in coaching to learn more about the profession and to connect with coaches and ICF at the local chapter, regional, and global levels.
Moreover, Dr. Tutschka's leadership is one of inclusiveness and tremendous vision as well as a commitment to results. That commitment to excellence is a true testament to her and a true benefit to all she touches.

Colmon Elridge, VP of Global Development and membership

I met Geertje during our joint activities at ICF (International Coach Federation). At the time, she was president of the German chapter of this federation. I was able to appreciate her involvement and the energy she puts into the setting of objectives, and in their realization. Geertje is an excellent communicator and her natural empathy enriches relationships.

Philippe R. Declercq, PCC

Dr. Tutschka's coaching style in my sessions was very practice and result oriented, which I very much appreciated in my situation. At my request, she deliberately incorporated business consulting into the coaching sessions, but without any claim to exclusivity and only as a suggestion and one of many possibilities. She acted sensitive towardness me and was always looking to keep an eye on today and the future. The work with her was easy and she asked excellent questions that went into depth and gave me new ideas. In my coaching sessions I experienced Mrs. Tutschka as a sensitive, friendly, experienced and successful business woman who offers targeted support through coaching with her heart and mind and is not afraid to ask uncomfortable questions."
The meetings have had a very positive impact on my business structure.

Friderike Butler, ATA certified translator

Dr. Geertje Tutschka is very practice-oriented, knows the requirements of the market well. Your opinions and contributions have helped me a lot in presenting my skills and knowledge and at the same time have made me appreciate them more consciously.

Zita Takacs, Senior Legal Council, Sherbank Europe AG

Dr. Geertje Tutschka is a very confident and able speaker. Her legal background anchors her content to real issues aligned to facts. She empowers her audience to relate to, adapt and adopt new learning relating it directly to their reality. I really loved speaking on the same stage as her, and would love to work with her again!

Sarah Hopwood, Professional Speaker & Business Consultant

Our organization GPWA offers regular professional training and cooperation as well as a network for German-speaking professionals in Metro Detroit, USA. I have been working with Dr. Geertje Tutschka since 2008 as President of the German Professional Women´s Association in Metro Detroit and got to know her as very committed and inspiring. That is why we presented her work as a lawyer, consultant and specialist for German expats and relocation in our membership newspaper in 2009. She presented herself and her work within the framework of our lecture series with the important topic "Financial and legal peculiarities of German expatriates abroad". Even after her return to Europe we kept in touch and were happy to welcome her with a reading in October 2012 with her debut novel "Detroit, Michgian - Love Letters from an alien" - an excellent novel about a German expatriate family in Detroit - and to support her in her project to support homeless children in Detroit. Dr. Geertje Tutschka has been working with heart and mind for German families in Metro Detroit for years. She has left visible traces here in every respect.

Christina Griesser, President at German Professional Women's Association

My collaboration with Dr. Geertje Tutschka was as inspiring as it was profitable. Through her continuous motivation, she was instrumental in my success as an Expatriate Coach and Intercultural Trainer. As a coach and mentor, she accompanied me on my first professional publishing project. Thanks to your experience and effective methods, I was able to develop my book idea conceptually, plan and market it target-oriented within my time and budget constraints.
She paid particular attention to my target group affinity as well as modern and contemporary forms of publication (such as self-publishing, e-book) and multimedia marketing. Anyone who is thinking about realizing their book idea should get your professional support. Thank you Geertje!

Anja Dittmeier, M.A., ACC

I value Dr. Geertje Tutschka as a coach and especially as a person. She has an extraordinary ability to motivate others and advance their personal development. She has phenomenal listening skills, asks excellent, targeted questions and is always in close contact with the customer. It especially helps to discover the hidden backgrounds of behaviour. Experiencing and understanding deep thoughts helps to fulfill your goals successfully. But I was also impressed by her social commitment, be it in aid projects or in voluntary work. Thank you very much, Geertje. I'm always very happy to recommend you.

Birgit Kuschel, Executive Recruiter, Personal Consultant