Dr. Geertje Tutschka


Lawyers are my passion. Personal development and company development are my specialities. I have been a lawyer in Germany, Austria and the USA for 25 years, advising and supporting law firms, tax consulting firms and legal corporate departments in difficult tranisitions or during a reorientation. I train lawyers esspecialy in leadership and strategy.

As a counsellor, I combine my respect for choices of others with my own expertise. As a lawyer, I bring my personal experience that enables an exchange at eye level. As a mentor, I provide opportunities, networks and wider perspectives.


  • More than 25 years of experience as a lawyer, law firm owner/partner and in-house counsel in Germany, Austria and the USA
  • Founder and owner of CLP
  • President/President Past of the German Chapter of the world's largest professional association of professional coaches
  • Delegates in the Round Table Coaching (association of all 17 professional associations for coaches/trainers/mentors/consultants)
  • Developer of professional legal coaching training and trainer in legal coaching
  • Lecturer at the Faculty of Law of the University Hagen, Germany
  • author
  • Fully qualified lawyer, studied at University of Bielefeld, Germany
  • Doctorate (PhD) University of Bielefeld, Germany
  • Attorney at Law, Bar Association Hamm, Germany
  • European lawyer, Salzburg Bar Association, Austria
  • ICF-Coach, Education "The Coachmakers Training", Rochester, MI, USA and ICF-Certification
  • NLP-WingWave Coach, Studies and Training Besser-Siegmund-Institut, Hamburg / SINN, Salzburg, Austria
  • Mental trainer (MindScape), training by BodyTalkSystem, Zurich, Switzerland
  • Intercultural Trainer, Education at Interchange Institute, Brookline, MA, USA
  • DAV-Mentor/ÖRAK-Referentin/Deutscher Juristinnenbund (German Association of Women Lawyers)
  • Top 100 coaches in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • Top profile on LinkedIn and Xing
  • Role Model for Lawyers (BreakingThrough)
  • LegalLadies D/ WomenInLaw Ö
  • Mother of three teenagers / synesthet
  • Long Distance Hiking / Dog Sledding

Special training

  • Trained and certified as professional ICF Business Coach
  • Trained and certified as an intercultural trainer
  • Trained and certified MentalTrainer (mindscape)
  • Trained and certified NLP-WingWave Coach
  • Lawyer in Germany and European lawyer in Austria -Specialist for negotiation (PhD)
  • Lawyer in various law firms and corporate legal departments (automotive)
  • Already worked in law firms during my studies with a focus on management and leadership of law firms, strategic orientation, acquisition and marketing
  • First and second state examinations (University of Bielefeld/OLG Hamm)

Social Engagement

Volunteer coach:

  • Panda Law (Future Leader)
  • Coaching initiative (support for schools and teachers in crisis situations)
  • DRK (for volunteer disaster relief workers)

Volunteer mentor:

  • MentorMe and LeaderIn (Talent Development)
  • DAV and ÖRAK (AG Lawyers/Working Group Women in the Bar)
  • ICF MentorCoach

Supporter of:

  • LeaderIn
  • EditionF
  • BreakingThrough
  • herCareer


With my husband and our three teenagers, our cat and our Australian Shepherd I live close to the German-Austrian border. In addition to my professional activities, I love acrylic painting and writing novels and poems. As a passionate cook and nature lover I enjoy discovering the city of Salzburg and ist unique culture. On weekends you can find me hikingin the alps with my Australian Shepherd dog, in winter with the sled dogs and in summer on a long-distance hiking trail.