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Legal Coach

Dr. Tutschka is a lawyer who uses the law as an effective tool for strategic, economically successful but also sustainable development: As a professional musician with a ban on studying in East Germany, she decided to study law "in the West" after the so-called reunification in order to be able to understand the unification treaty of the two German states.

She completed her studies with a downgraded 1.0 East German A-levels in record time with a result among the best 30 % of her class and thus received the BaföG full scholarship from the federal government, was one of the first salaried female lawyers in one of the oldest law firms operating throughout Germany and subsequently completed her doctorate in the three years in which she had her three girls. She was a lawyer in the automobile industry when she and her family were sent to Detroit during the automobile crisis. It was here that she finally discovered the heart she had been missing for law until then, and she completed training in intercultural communication and professional coaching.

From this symbiosis she developed the concept of legal coaching, which she has been practising very successfully for years and teaches at the CLP Academy. At CLP - Consulting for Legal Professionals, the leading consultancy for lawyers and law firms, she advises on leadership and strategic law firm development in addition to her teaching duties.

In addition to contract law, her law firm specialises primarily in German-Austrian legal relations: Dr. Tutschka holds, in addition to the German licence to practise as a lawyer, an equal licence to practise as a European lawyer in Austria. She is a professionally trained coach according to international quality standards and holds the certification as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) of the largest professional association of professional coaches worldwide, the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She has also completed special additional training in NLP - WingWave (Germany), BodyTalk - Mindscape (Switzerland) and Symbolon - Reflexionscoaching (Austria).

In her private life she lives with her husband and their three teenagers on the German-Austrian border near Salzburg; as a synaesthete she has additional perceptive abilities and expertise in IQ/EQ as well as giftedness and sensitivity - both of which she incorporates into her work. If you cannot reach her by phone, you will find her somewhere in solitude with her dog: in the Alps, with the sled dogs or on one of the long-distance hiking trails.


Since 2014, she has been at home not only as a trainer and lecturer but increasingly also as a professional speaker on the event stages. She has been able to convince audiences in Germany and Austria as well as internationally:

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You can find out more about her keynote topics under Keynotes.


Dr Tutschka writes regularly for CLP - Consulting for Legal Professionals and numerous professional magazines. She is also the author of numerous reference books:

  • Strategic Law Firm Development (2021 De Gruyter).
  • The Law Firm as a Successful Enterprise (2019 ffi Verlag).
  • Law Firm Formation and Management (2018 De Gruyter).
  • Setting up a Law Firm for Young Lawyers (2018 ffi Verlag)
  • USA Expat Quick Guide (2018 BOD, author team)
  • Quality Management in Individual Coaching (2018 German/English ICF Germany, team of authors)
  • Strategic Orientation and Marketing (2017 Master of Laws, FU Hagen)
  • The lawyer as entrepreneur (2016 Verlag Otto Schmidt)
  • Time Management for Lawyers and Law Firms (2016 Master's Programme in Law, FU Hagen)
  • Kanzleimarketing kompakt (2016 AnwaltVerlag, team of authors).

With her debut novel "Fern der Heimat so nah - eine Expatiate Geschichte" (German/English), which grew out of an aid project for Detroit's street children, she was nominated for the shortlist of the Indie Award at the Leipzig Book Fair in 2013 even before it was finished.