"I´m passionate about Leadership,"

Dr. Geertje Tutschka, PCC

"Leading with LEAD: Learn. Create. Care. is to make a lasting difference in the lives of others in line with your personal values." Dr. Geertje Tutschka, PCC

"Leadership is her theme. It always has been. It does not matter in which socio-political or social context leadership takes place. No matter whether it is about self-leadership, the challenges as a leader in business or leadership responsibility in a voluntary or private context:

Leadership takes place - with our best self or another.

Dr. Tutschka stands for the topic of leadership like no other. The LEAD method she developed is the product of academic training, international experience, competence and expertise: in multinational teams and complex systems, in corporate and personal crises.

Taking responsibility. Giving security. Conveying trust.

LEAD: Learn. Create. Care.

As an Expert

Legal Coach

Dr. Tutschka is a lawyer who uses the law as an effective tool for strategic, economically successful but also sustainable development: As a professional musician with a ban on studying in East Germany, she decided to study law "in the West" after the so-called reunification in order to be able to understand the unification treaty of the two German states.

She completed her studies with a downgraded 1.0 East German A-levels in record time with a result among the best 30 % of her class and thus received the BaföG full scholarship from the federal government, was one of the first salaried female lawyers in one of the oldest law firms operating throughout Germany and subsequently completed her doctorate in the three years in which she had her three girls. She was a lawyer in the automobile industry when she and her family were sent to Detroit during the automobile crisis. It was here that she finally discovered the heart she had been missing for law until then, and she completed training in intercultural communication and professional coaching.

From this symbiosis she developed the concept of legal coaching, which she has been practising very successfully for years and teaches at the CLP Academy. At CLP - Consulting for Legal Professionals, the leading consultancy for lawyers and law firms, she advises on leadership and strategic law firm development in addition to her teaching duties.

In addition to contract law, her law firm specialises primarily in German-Austrian legal relations: Dr. Tutschka holds, in addition to the German licence to practise as a lawyer, an equal licence to practise as a European lawyer in Austria. She is a professionally trained coach according to international quality standards and holds the certification as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) of the largest professional association of professional coaches worldwide, the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She has also completed special additional training in NLP - WingWave (Germany), BodyTalk - Mindscape (Switzerland) and Symbolon - Reflexionscoaching (Austria).

In her private life she lives with her husband and their three teenagers on the German-Austrian border near Salzburg; as a synaesthete she has additional perceptive abilities and expertise in IQ/EQ as well as giftedness and sensitivity - both of which she incorporates into her work. If you cannot reach her by phone, you will find her somewhere in solitude with her dog: in the Alps, with the sled dogs or on one of the long-distance hiking trails.


Since 2014, she has been at home not only as a trainer and lecturer but increasingly also as a professional speaker on the event stages. She has been able to convince audiences in Germany and Austria as well as internationally:

didacta, cebit, Leipziger Buchmesse, Zukunft Personal, b2b Nord, LegalRevolution, Corporate Counsel Congress, herCareer, Karriereforum Wien, DAV-Anwaltstag, österreichischer Anwaltstag, Coachingtag, Global Leaders Forum Vancouver and Warsaw, EMEA Leaders Forum Cape Town, GPWA Detroit, Women in Law Vienna, First Ladies of Law London, Women in Leadership Berlin, University of Luxembourg, Academie voor de Rechtspraktijk Netherlands and many more.

You can find out more about her keynote topics under Keynotes.


Dr Tutschka writes regularly for CLP - Consulting for Legal Professionals and numerous professional magazines. She is also the author of numerous reference books:

  • Strategic Law Firm Development (2021 De Gruyter).
  • The Law Firm as a Successful Enterprise (2019 ffi Verlag).
  • Law Firm Formation and Management (2018 De Gruyter).
  • Setting up a Law Firm for Young Lawyers (2018 ffi Verlag)
  • USA Expat Quick Guide (2018 BOD, author team)
  • Quality Management in Individual Coaching (2018 German/English ICF Germany, team of authors)
  • Strategic Orientation and Marketing (2017 Master of Laws, FU Hagen)
  • The lawyer as entrepreneur (2016 Verlag Otto Schmidt)
  • Time Management for Lawyers and Law Firms (2016 Master's Programme in Law, FU Hagen)
  • Kanzleimarketing kompakt (2016 AnwaltVerlag, team of authors).

With her debut novel "Fern der Heimat so nah - eine Expatiate Geschichte" (German/English), which grew out of an aid project for Detroit's street children, she was nominated for the shortlist of the Indie Award at the Leipzig Book Fair in 2013 even before it was finished.


President German Lawyer Association, Austria

Dr Tutschka is the first president to lead the professional association for German and Austrian lawyers, DAV Austria, and can draw on her many years of experience in the German and Austrian legal industry, her strong network, but above all her expertise in strategy, leadership and intercultural know-how.

DAV Austria was founded in Salzburg in 2020 as the 12th foreign association of the German Bar Association (DAV) with the purpose of promoting professional exchange between the German and Austrian legal profession for business, politics and further education. With approximately 62,000 members in 250 local lawyers' associations, the German Lawyers' Association has represented every third German-speaking professional for almost 150 years. The DAV's foreign associations have the important function of supporting the German-speaking professional network of the legal profession across national borders and mediating between national interests, and thus represent an important interface not only for the respective professional colleagues at home and abroad, but also for the German economy and the European internal market. Germany is Austria's most important economic partner; especially during the Covid_19 pandemic, but also already in the years of the so-called refugee crisis, there was an important common "need for regulation" in German-Austrian border traffic.

Lead Prism Award for Coaching Excellence in Organizations, ICF Germany

Dr. Geertje Tutschka, lawyer, Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and trainer in legal coaching has been heading the Coaching Award for HR Excellence for the use of coaching in talent development programmes in companies and organisations since 2017. With her Prism Award team, she coordinates, organises, supports and accompanies on the one hand potential applicants of the renowned award and on the other hand IT, event team, partners and sponsoring as well as last but not least the 10-member top-class expert jury for coaching from science, media, further education and HR.

Among the award winners in the past years were CMS TaxLegal, Volkswagen, Adidas, Vodafone and SAP with their coaching programs.

"Precisely because coaching is not a protected term, quality management, transparency and sustainability are of utmost relevance, especially for users. This is true at the C-level in large international companies as well as in low-threshold offers for career and life coaching but also in pro-bono coaching for a good cause. Coaching can make a significant contribution to many important issues of the future if the industry finally succeeds in drawing clear dividing lines between professional and effective coaching and offers that merely adorn themselves with the term "coaching" to appear modern. The Prism Award of ICF Germany can and should contribute to this distinction."

The ICF Germany, a Top 10 Charter Chapter of the world's largest professional association of professional coaches, honoured Dr. Tutschka for this in 2020 with the Team Recognition Award for special voluntary commitment to the coaching industry.

President ICF, Charter Chapter Germany (a.d.)

When Dr. Geertje Tutschka, PCC of the world's largest professional association for professional coaches with more than 40,000 members took over as president with a small board in 2016, it was one of 15 associations in Germany that had joined forces in the so-called Round Table Coaching (RTC). Three years later, ICF Germany was one of the top 10 chapters (out of about 150) with a membership growth of 100%, a large dedicated board team with numerous city chapters and project teams, the most successful Virtual Education for Coaches in Germany as well as the multi-day professional and public congress "Coachingtag".

With the HR Hand book "Quality Management in Coaching" (German/English) and the launch of the coaching award Prism Award, Dr. Tutschka as president and her board team have been instrumental in focusing outwardly consistently on the strengths of the association such as international quality standards and Ethical Guidelines for ICF Germany, thus moving away from people to content. Internally, in these almost four years, she and her team have on the one hand created solid growth structures and on the other hand completed a cultural change towards a virulent participatory association.

For these years in service, ICF Germany received the ICF Foundation's "Gift of Coaching" award for special voluntary commitment to social change in 2018 and the ICF's "Chapter Recognition Award" for 2019 for the association's special success in the German coaching market.

to change

to change

Changes take place, with or without us. As a leader, one is often caught between the fronts of supporting and implementing the entrepreneurially important changes and at the same time taking along the people who have been entrusted to one's care.

As president of an association of professionals in the highly competitive coaching market, Dr. Tutschka knows the so-called "growing pains" of an organisation as well as the fear of loss of identity for all those involved or the importance of "cultivating one's ancestors" in future changes when the development path becomes steeper and the wind blows more sharply in one's face. She also knows about the fine-sensory reciprocity when different cultures clash in building the German-Austrian professional network for lawyers. And how tenaciously homogeneous management teams cling to their self-made crystal ball to legitimise themselves.

In these situations, it is important to underpin visions with objectives and to know when these should be immovable or questioned again. It is also important to enter into or disengage from strategic partnerships when the time is right. Above all, however, it is important to reflect on oneself as a leader and to know one's goal crystal clear on the one hand, and on the other hand to bring one's core team and the larger community on board with the right communication and to form them into a togetherness.

through crises

Business crises are always personal crises and leadership failure is always personal failure. You don't need clever advice. What is needed is open and honest sparring at eye level. With an appreciative and experienced view from outside, a partner with whom you can investigate the causes in order to learn from them. For it is not by simply getting back up and moving on, but by moving on in a different way that the crisis becomes an opportunity.

Leadership style, however, proves itself during the crisis. That is why crises are the acid test for every leader - and not just since the first Corona lockdown. Leadership is recognised by the fact that security and reliability are radiated in times of crisis.

Geertje Tutschka knows what it means to stand in the eye of the hurricane.

Already at the age of 19, she experienced during the reunification how the world around you changes from one day to the next and what you have achieved is no longer worth anything if people are not taken seriously in their fear and disorientation.

Later, she became involved in the automotive crisis in Detroit as President of the PA for the preservation of the International School, accompanied many of the expatriate families there through the shutdown of the city and initiated a project to support the street children of Detroit. With the launch of the 1st International Round Table in Detroit, she brought all the stakeholders important to the families to the table to talk about the future of all the children of this city.

"Dr. Geertje Tutschka has put her heart and mind into serving families in Metro Detroit for years. She has left a visible mark here in every way." Christina Griesser, President GPWA

for growth

With CLP - Consulting for Legal Professionals, Dr. Tutschka has been supporting legal departments and law firms in their strategic development for years. Growth can take place internally through the optimisation of processes, communicative interaction or the release of resources such as time and money. But it can also take place externally by opening up new markets and target groups, developing new services or even a strategic repositioning.

One of the most underestimated topics of the management team is "being able to let go". This is where Dr. Tutschka's LEAD method comes in, first and foremost initiating the growth process of the management team as the initial spark for the strategic development of the company.

As Managing Director and founding partner of CLP, she knows from her own experience the challenges of building a successful and crisis-proof company, a strong team of employees and a solid customer base.

With almost 15 years of experience as a German expatriate, who alone got to know the "German guilt" of National Socialism from four insider perspectives, she unmasks typical German and Austrian history, culture and language in everyday life when it creates an encapsulated vacuum, e.g. through homogeneous management teams, and ventilates it with new ideas to enable free breathing and growth. Climate protection, waste avoidance, diversity and digitalisation are not fashionable topics for her, but new interpretations of classic business growth structures.

To this end, she also takes aim at non-political topics, puts her finger in the wound and doesn't like to leave her foot in her mouth. The proverbial "pink elephant in the room" is her favourite animal, along with the "silverback".

And: With her, it's never about mere theory; she talks in order to do business.


Dr Geertje Tutschka has been a professional speaker on international stages for over ten years:

"I'm passionate about leadership." Dr. Geertje Tutschka, PCC

"Unconventional, witty, authentic, cosmopolitan, lady-like, eloquent, with profound expert knowledge" are the buzzwords her partners and listeners use to aptly describe her.

If you book her for a keynote, a panel or a lecture, she will probably bring along a story about her time in Detroit during the automobile crisis, about her experience as a musher on the Iditarod sled dog team or about getting her own STASI file on her 18th birthday and not having a home country any more. She might talk about what it means to raise three children in three different countries, to hike alone across the Alps or to experience life as a synaesthete. Or something completely different ...

"Strategic business development" and "branding" in relation to "leadership" are her favourite topics, especially in her special fields: NGOs and the legal sector - both key sectors for the future from her point of view.

Her recipe to success? Asking the right questions!

What she excluded from universities for political reasons when she started her personal career, she has now integrated into her leadership model LEAD. Learn.Create.Care and her FIVE STEPS TO SUCCESS method.

Already in 2015 and 2016 she was listed as a "Top 100 Trainer" in DACH by Speakers Excellence. In 2012 she was among the top 10 "most viewed" LinkedIn profiles; in 2016 among the top 5% "Best Xing Networkers". Today, she has a media reach in the six-figure range.

In the past years she has been booked on many big stages, but also many small very target group specific ones:

didacta, cebit, Leipziger Buchmesse, Zukunft Personal, b2b Nord, LegalRevolution Frankfurt, Corporate Counsel Congress, herCareer, München Karriereforum Wien, DAV-Anwaltstage, österreichischer Anwaltstag, Coachingtag München, Global Leaders Forum Vancouver and Warsaw, EMEA Leaders Forum Cape Town, GPWA Detroit, Juristentag, Lawyers Business Lounge, Women in Law Vienna, PANDA Frankfurt, First Ladies of Law London, Women in Leadership Berlin, University of Luxembourg, Academie voor de Rechtspraktijk Netherlands, Sydney, Shanghai ...

From the beginning, she has also been at home on the virtual stages of this world: in addition to various event formats, also on YouTube, in various podcasts and in publishing.

What customers, clients and clients say about me

I had the pleasure to work with Dr. Tutschka at the Global Womens Leadership Conference Berlin Nov 2016 when I was the Compere and Key Note Speaker and found working with Geertje a pleasure and her workshop so informative and inspirational.

Karen Melonie Gould, Capital Raise Deal Flow Connector and Innovator

I had a pleasure working with Geertje in several projects. Geertjeapproach is professional, thorough and collaborative. Her maincompetency is to have a strategic mindset with persistentoperational execution. She exhibited a great leadership style withthe ability to flex her approach according to contexts.

Kaveh Mir-Tahmasebi, Executive Coach, Director ICF Global Board 2020

It is my pleasure to congratulate Dr. Geertje Tutschka on her remarkable achievements as President of the German Chapter of the International Coach Federation, of which Global Board I was the Chair in 2019. Dr. Tutschka has motivated and successfully led a team of highly dedicated volunteer Board Members, and no less that 13 City Chapters, to grow ICF's presence and contribution in Germany within a fast changing environment. ICF Germany's strategic and organizational development led the Chapter to integrate ICF's 'Top10 Chapters'. Another remarkable success, which I was glad to witness, was that of the ICF Prism Award. I extend my congratulations to the very well organized project team, the highly qualified judges as well as all Board Members of ICF Germany. The Prism Award ceremony highlighted how ICF coaches help companies flourish across a wide spectrum of industries.

Jean - Francois Cousin, MCC, Global Executive Coach, Chairman ICF Global Board 2019

Dr. Tutschka's support has strengthened me in my decision to take the next step in my career and to get out of my current work situation and find new possibilities. With her help I quit the job that made me unhappy and took a new better position. Her advice regarding my situation was also beneficial to me. Dr. Tutschka could very well reflect my decision and reflect my thoughts. She showed a strong empathy, quick comprehension and great understanding for my situation. Thank you so much for that.

RAin Dr. O.E., Berlin

I recently accepted a job offer from London and am very excited about the opportunity to join the legal team at a major international bank.
Her preparation for the interviews clearly encouraged me, so that I was able to convey a self-confident appearance. Thanks again for that.

Dr. Zita Takacs, Vienna

Dr. Tutschka recently accompanied and guided me with her coaching in a targeted application process. The cooperation with Dr. Tutschka included the preparation of my documents and job interviews. The consultation took place by telephone and each telephone call seemed almost too short to me! The impulses of Dr. Tutschka have given me a lot of structure and focus on my goal, all hints regarding my documents were very valuable and helpful. I felt extremely well taken care of by Dr. Tutschka and with her help I entered the procedure strengthened in self-confidence. I would contact Dr. Tutschka again at any time and thank her for her trusting support.

Attorney Elisabeth Gawrych, Lawyer on Demand, Wülfrath

When I felt overwhelmed and disoriented in my exhausting everyday life, Dr. Geertje Tutschka helped me with her coaching to find my purpose again and to formulate a vision which I have been working towards ever since. Only in the course of the three-month process and through the positive and encouraging nature of my coach, whom I quickly trusted, have I developed a feeling for my needs again and learned to focus my actions more on the things that give me strength and inspiration.

RAin Dr. Kathrin S., Munich

Precise, sympathetic and competent - Dr. Tutschka knows how to present difficult topics in an understandable way and to package them in a customer-oriented way.

Sascha Saal, Marketing Business Development Cluster West, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Germany GmbH

The consulting, the cooperation and the final result have exceeded my expectations. The way Dr. Tutschka works immediately shows that there is not only a lawyer at work here, but also a trained coach who focuses on the client. Especially for my profession as a coach for executives and seminar leader, I was able to benefit from many industry-specific legal tips.

Dr. Eva Kinast, Coach, the Kaderschmiede for high-level personnel

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is advancing the coaching profession so coaching becomes an integral part of society. Our members lead this journey by representing the highest quality in professional coaching.
Our local chapter leader and president of ICF Germany Geertje Tutschka is a very creative academic, willing to think out of the box and a true visionnaire.
In my role as VP for the ICF Germany I am incredible proud to support Geertje as our leader. The immense amount of work she has done to support our mission, to our local members and to our global chapter in US is just beyond any measurement.
One huge, very successful project she led was our regular meeting with members and our event the Coachingday. Not only did we take on many additional members, have been mentioned in many social media and local news tabs, but also got sponsored by our global chapter. I highly recommend Geertje here on Linkedin and do so in person for any executive role.

Roeland C. Schaart, Experienced international Business Coach, Owner of Coaching Logic®

As President of ICF Germany, Dr. Geertje Tutschka has elevated both the standing of the ICF Germany Chapter and the coaching profession in Germany and beyond. Dr. Tutschka's vision for expanding the knowledge of and reach of coaching has truly been a benefit to the profession and has allowed more individuals and organizations to useful from coaching and engage in the work of building a coaching culture.
The growth of the Coachingtag event also provides more and more opportunity for coaches to connect as well as for those interested in coaching to learn more about the profession and to connect with coaches and ICF at the local chapter, regional, and global levels.
Moreover, Dr. Tutschka's leadership is one of inclusiveness and tremendous vision as well as a commitment to results. That commitment to excellence is a true testament to her and a true benefit to all she touches.

Colmon Elridge, VP of Global Development and membership

I met Geertje during our joint activities at ICF (International Coach Federation). At the time, she was president of the German chapter of this federation. I was able to appreciate her involvement and the energy she puts into the setting of objectives, and in their realization. Geertje is an excellent communicator and her natural empathy enriches relationships.

Philippe R. Declercq, PCC

Dr. Tutschka's coaching style in my sessions was very practice and result oriented, which I very much appreciated in my situation. At my request, she deliberately incorporated business consulting into the coaching sessions, but without any claim to exclusivity and only as a suggestion and one of many possibilities. She acted sensitive towardness me and was always looking to keep an eye on today and the future. The work with her was easy and she asked excellent questions that went into depth and gave me new ideas. In my coaching sessions I experienced Mrs. Tutschka as a sensitive, friendly, experienced and successful business woman who offers targeted support through coaching with her heart and mind and is not afraid to ask uncomfortable questions."
The meetings have had a very positive impact on my business structure.

Friderike Butler, ATA certified translator

Dr. Geertje Tutschka is very practice-oriented, knows the requirements of the market well. Your opinions and contributions have helped me a lot in presenting my skills and knowledge and at the same time have made me appreciate them more consciously.

Zita Takacs, Senior Legal Council, Sherbank Europe AG

Dr. Geertje Tutschka is a very confident and able speaker. Her legal background anchors her content to real issues aligned to facts. She empowers her audience to relate to, adapt and adopt new learning relating it directly to their reality. I really loved speaking on the same stage as her, and would love to work with her again!

Sarah Hopwood, Professional Speaker & Business Consultant

Our organization GPWA offers regular professional training and cooperation as well as a network for German-speaking professionals in Metro Detroit, USA. I have been working with Dr. Geertje Tutschka since 2008 as President of the German Professional Women´s Association in Metro Detroit and got to know her as very committed and inspiring. That is why we presented her work as a lawyer, consultant and specialist for German expats and relocation in our membership newspaper in 2009. She presented herself and her work within the framework of our lecture series with the important topic "Financial and legal peculiarities of German expatriates abroad". Even after her return to Europe we kept in touch and were happy to welcome her with a reading in October 2012 with her debut novel "Detroit, Michgian - Love Letters from an alien" - an excellent novel about a German expatriate family in Detroit - and to support her in her project to support homeless children in Detroit. Dr. Geertje Tutschka has been working with heart and mind for German families in Metro Detroit for years. She has left visible traces here in every respect.

Christina Griesser, President at German Professional Women's Association

My collaboration with Dr. Geertje Tutschka was as inspiring as it was profitable. Through her continuous motivation, she was instrumental in my success as an Expatriate Coach and Intercultural Trainer. As a coach and mentor, she accompanied me on my first professional publishing project. Thanks to your experience and effective methods, I was able to develop my book idea conceptually, plan and market it target-oriented within my time and budget constraints.
She paid particular attention to my target group affinity as well as modern and contemporary forms of publication (such as self-publishing, e-book) and multimedia marketing. Anyone who is thinking about realizing their book idea should get your professional support. Thank you Geertje!

Anja Dittmeier, M.A., ACC

I value Dr. Geertje Tutschka as a coach and especially as a person. She has an extraordinary ability to motivate others and advance their personal development. She has phenomenal listening skills, asks excellent, targeted questions and is always in close contact with the customer. It especially helps to discover the hidden backgrounds of behaviour. Experiencing and understanding deep thoughts helps to fulfill your goals successfully. But I was also impressed by her social commitment, be it in aid projects or in voluntary work. Thank you very much, Geertje. I'm always very happy to recommend you.

Birgit Kuschel, Executive Recruiter, Personal Consultant


Law Firm Establishing and Management

How do I set up a law firm? How do I develop it? Where is the legal services market heading? How can I use digitalisation and "LegalTech" for myself? This book offers the answers to questions on "founding a law firm and law firm management". It thus helps to decide when the right time is to establish your own new law firm or to restructure an existing law firm in order to realign it - and thus be fit for the future.

Law Firm Business Development

Legal training is supposed to develop specialist knowledge and analytical thinking in future lawyers - and thus trains them to be little more than clerks. For a long time, the "law firm enterprise" was a matter of luck - or at the mercy of the owner's natural instinct. Today, that can no longer suffice. It is time to face up to the responsibility as a law firm owner. It is time to decide: Are you a lawyer or an entrepreneur? Or will both work in the end? (Verlag Dr. Schmidt)

Law Firm Establishment - step by step

Setting up a law firm has never seemed so easy.

You hardly need more than a laptop and a mobile phone, you might think. The service providers in the technical service sector have really caught up and there is every conceivable kind of support, advice and information available today.

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law firm marketing guide

Current marketing topics for lawyers - comprehensibly and compactly summarised by law firm marketing experts: Every lawyer wants suitable mandates, satisfied clients and committed employees, in short: a successful law firm. Effective marketing strategies are important instruments for this. The e-booklet "law firm marketing step by step" (Law firm marketing compact) bundles the most important topics on law firm marketing on 20 pages: The 12 authors are experts in marketing and specialise in solutions for lawyers. In addition to practical tips, they also present themselves and their firm as competent partners for law firm marketing. (Deutscher Anwaltverlag, 2016)

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Law Firm Strategy and Marketing

The teaching material on "The Law Firm" was developed in cooperation with the German Lawyers' Association for the Master's programme in Law at the Distance-Learning University of Hagen "Lawyers Practice". Dr. Tutschka used current examples from practice to show how important "" are - for newcomers to the profession as well as for those returning to the profession. The teaching material can only be obtained during the course of study at the FU Hagen (as of 2017).

Time Management for Law Firms

The teaching material on "The Law Firm" was developed in cooperation with the German Lawyers' Association for the Master's programme in Law at the Distance-Learning University of Hagen "Lawyers' Law and Lawyers' Practice". The team of authors, Dr. Auer-Reinsdorff and Dr. Tutschka, bundled specialised knowledge on office technology and "time management in the law firm" in a compact and competent manner for newcomers to the profession as well as for those returning to the profession. The teaching material can only be obtained during the course of study at the FU Hagen (as of 2016).

Quality Management in Coaching

Coaching has established itself as a valuable development tool in organisations. There are numerous studies on the effectiveness of coaching, which prove the increasing demand for coaching. However, the quality of the individual services often falls short of the original expectations. A major reason for this discrepancy seems to be a rather unspecific understanding of coaching.

On closer examination, one discovers, both on the part of the providers and in coaching concepts and internal coach pools in organisations, that virtually any support for individuals in one-to-one contact is described as coaching. It is not uncommon to find training dialogues, therapy talks, supervision approaches and very often also classic counselling talks in the range of services offered.

In view of such a market development, the question of measures to ensure the quality of coaching is becoming louder and louder. In many areas of application, it seems to be time to put the established instrument of coaching to the test.

Expat Quick Guide

Save time and gain energy for a happy and successful expatriation to the USA. Expatriate with your family to the USA for a few years? Yes or no? You have to decide pro or con, check the expat contract, clarify school issues and are confronted with complete unknowns - and all this in the tight schedule of a family daily routine? What you need is a quick, excellent and comprehensive overview from experienced expat insiders!

This Quick Guide gives you concise tips on key topics such as:

Expat Contract Contents, Expat and Partner Careers, Family, TCK - Education, Schooling USA, Recognition of School Qualifications in Germany, Everyday Life and Culture - Differences in the USA, Success in USA Business, Return Planning.

USA Expat Quick Guide - Contract, Family, Career by the interdisciplinary team of experts Tutschka-Dittmeier-Kuschel offers you compact, unerring advice and information on how best to master the challenges of the USA-Germany temporary balancing act.

Home far away from home

Imagine packing your suitcase, grabbing your two children and following your partner to the other side of the world. You decide the whole thing in a few weeks. - Would you be so brave?

Of course, you're going to a civilised foreign country and everything is financially secure. It would also only be for a limited time. - Sounds tempting?

Oh, did I mention we're going to Detroit, the city that's ranked number one in crime statistics for years? And which has now been officially declared bankrupt? - Never ever?

Known from ...

NJW, Coachingmagazin, ManagerSeminare, LTO, Haufe, Soldan, Beck, Degruyter, DATEV, Training Aktuell, Wirtschaft und Weiterbildung, Xing-Magazin, LinkedInPulse, Unternehmensjurist, DjBZ, Österreichisches Anwaltsblatt, Radio Ö Salzburg, Leipziger Buchmesse, Oakland Press, Salzburger Nachrichten, IHK Magazin, advotec, JUVE


Dr. Geertje Tutschka

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